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It is with a heavy heart that we are informing everyone of the loss of Don Schuler. He was the first Executive Director of the then SDOK, and was instrumental in getting the laws passed that are now in place for the field of opticianry.  ​He was the heart and soul of this Association for over 20 years.  He was from Louisville and worked for 35 years at Southern Optical.  He wrote our history that can be viewed on this website. 

In lieu of flowers his family has requested that contributions be made to St Vincent de Paul in Louisville or the Sisters of the Poor also in Louisville. 

Special Notice from Kentucky State Board

Next week (May 23rd, 2016) all opticians in Kentucky will be assigned new license numbers.  This is a result of the state boards implementing a new computer system that will not "read" your old numbers.  This is across any licensed field in the state from hairstylist to truck drivers and interior designers - including opticians.  This has nothing to do with the OAK policy nor how we submit your continuing education.  In the future please include your new license number as well as your old number (which the state is referring to as your "legacy" number) when corresponding with the OAK. 
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Kentucky State Board
at (502) 564-3296 ext. 228 (Jessica Parker) or

 Welcome to Opticians Association of Kentucky
Lexington, KY.

The Opticians Association of Kentucky is the only voice that represents Kentucky opticians solely, legislatively, educationally and professionally. Your membership dollars are returned to you in many ways you may not be aware of as you go about your busy lives. OAK is aware that in addition to fitting customers with the best eye wear you can find available to them to suit their individual needs, you must also have another life…a personal and family life. Kentucky opticians must still have their dinner, brush their teeth, have time for fun and relaxation and LIVE a little. Here's where OAK comes in. OAK has a lobbyist, a really good one. Karen Thomas Lentz watches legislation on the state level, constantly keeping an eye on any issue that relates to the practice of ophthalmic dispensing.

The OAK Board of Directors and Executive Director plan educational seminars and continuing education courses that help opticians to stay current on old and new information that affects dispensing, making your day run a little smoother. They are constantly searching for the kind of education you require and to fit seminars into your schedule. These do not come cheap!

The Opticians Association of Kentucky has only one interest…YOU! Check us out when you have professional concerns and even check us out when you are doing well. Membership in the association affords you a special status…you are a member of a group that belongs to you. OAK is only as good as the folks who make up the roster. Let us know if a seminar exceeded your expectations or disappointed you. We have comment forms available at every meeting. Yes, we are made up of a Board of Directors that are volunteers, opticians just like you. We look forward to working with you to make opticianry a better profession, with better pay, more respect and a secure spot in the economy. Let's go get 'um!

Mrs Cyndi Studer
Lexington | Opticians Association of Kentucky

PO Box 24214
Lexington, KY 40524-4214

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The Opticians Association of Kentucky is the only voice that represents Kentucky opticians solely, legislatively, educationally and professionally.
The Kentucky Opticians Committee for political education is a voluntary, non-partisan political organization, established in accordance with the State Election Campaign Act.

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